Interview Vol.3

By experiencing work in other fields other than consulting,
I can now see everything around me in a higher resolution.

Sotaro Makita



After studying architecture at university, joined a consulting company as a newly graduate. After working for 10 years left the company, established his own company and entered the restaurant business such as food trucks while developing IT systems. Since 2019, has been entrusted with working in the consulting business by Sevenzen as a freelancer.

Please tell us about the businesses you have worked on other than consulting.

After retiring from a consulting company that I worked for 10 years, I moved to the restaurant business. I started an African food truck with my friends and opened a restaurant in anticipation of business expansion, but unfortunately the opening of the restaurant coincided with the time when the world began to have trouble with COVID-19. After some consideration, we quickly closed the restaurant, and I was thinking of ending everything there regarding restaurant business, but the other founding members wanted to continue the food truck, so I transferred the business to them.

Currently, 80% of my work is consulting, and I’m looking for new challenges while doing various businesses in other areas. I majored in architecture at university, I’m thinking of trying that again. I used to do the “food” part of “food, clothing and shelter”, so I’m thinking of looking for something related to the “shelter” part next time. When building the restaurant, I did all the interior renovations by myself, but I’m thinking of ways of adding value to the buildings themselves and turning that into a business.

How did you get to know Sevenzen?

A former colleague from a consulting company was working with Sevenzen, and he introduced me around 2019 just about when I was opening the restaurant and I participated in the project. The project I’m currently involved in started at that time and is still in progress, being now about three years since it started.

The best thing about working with Sevenzen is that you get stable earnings. I am grateful that I was able to take charge of continuous projects rather than repeating one-off projects that end in a few months.

Afterall, I decided to work with Sevenzen because I wanted to increase my income portfolio. I didn’t have a working record in the restaurant business, so I was worried that I couldn’t make it. And in fact, I couldn’t, because of the impact of COVID-19. I think that the reason why I was able to survive so far without having trouble money-wise was because I got the consulting job at Sevenzen and split my income portfolio.

Please tell us about your motivation and how you feel how rewarding your job is.

Simply put, I feel that the process of acquiring new skills is fun. Even for the area that you don’t have any background, you can reach this level by going through try and error, or it is difficult to reach that level, etc.

Also, my way to measure things changes, for example, eating out after being in the restaurant business, my way of thinking about meals became deeper than it was before, I now think things like “it’s amazing to be able to do this number of different menus, and get this taste”. The way of thinking about food has changed, or even better, the openness of thinking has. By trying various things, I believe that I’ll be able to see the things around me in a higher resolution, and I believe that I am working towards a feeling that I can understand the society.

Interview: Spring 2022